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About Us

Sam Malek is an interesting fellow. I have known him since 2007 and he has touched my heart deeply. His ideas, his charisma, his faith, and his undying desire to give back to the community make him an incredible resource to the Greater St. Louis area. From my best understanding, Sam is an individual who has struggled his entire life with physical issues he has had since birth. A very smart man, Sam is humble, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, giving and deeply religious. He will not generally discuss politics – but loves to talk about how the Lord guides him. He prays a lot, and seeks guidance from those he trusts – but he ultimately trusts in his creator. This wonderful coffee shop – is Sam’s dream realized. A community came together to give one of our finest citizens a great place to work for both Sam and his employees and volunteers. But – it doesn’t end there. Life as Sam sees it – with a strong, Christian driven purpose – is here for us to serve the Lord in any way we can. Sam does it best through his discussions with his patrons, and with his involvement in the community. Sam ‘pays it forward’ each and every day. He looks for opportunities to help those less fortunate, to see a disabled child smile, to see a handicapped person work with dignity, and to open our eyes to the joys of giving. The rewards have been great – but there is a price to pay too. The work has not stopped. The children and charities have not gone away, and the store must go on. So we ask you to visit Sam’s store often. When you need a cup of coffee, or a gooey butter cake fix, or you simply want a little inspiration – stop by the shop and see Sam and company. Send your friends, your family, your neighbors. The coffee is hot, the gooey butter cake is awesome, and the service is outstanding. So bypass the chains, and the convenience stores and get out to More than Coffee – you’ll be glad you did. Randy Allen Owner ModuMark, LLC One of Sam’s many friends….



More Than Coffee